British Expat, Mimi Wins a Share of AED 1 Million

13 January 2020, Dubai, UAE: 42 year-old Dubai resident and British native Mimi (who preferred not to disclose her full name), was one of two winners to claim a share of the second tier prize of AED 1,000,000 in Saturday night’s Mahzooz draw. A resident of the UAE for almost 16 years, Mimi is going to use the prize to cement her future in the UAE.

“I may be from London, but I consider the UAE my home and I want to stay here the rest of my life. I feel very patriotic and grateful to live in such a wonderful country”, said Mimi. “I am extremely lucky and it’s a fantastic feeling. I’m just so thankful.”

Having taken part in the weekly draw since its inception, Mimi has continued to play each weekend while not on duty as an office manager. “Money doesn’t buy happiness, but I would say that money can bring comfort and some element of security to a person’s life. That is what it’s going to do for me and my family”, added Mimi. When asked about the first thing Mimi will buy with her winnings, she immediately answered: “Prada Adidas Limited Edition trainers!”

For those who missed out on this week’s draw, entrants can participate in Mahzooz by registering via and purchasing Al Emarat bottles of water. Each bottle of water purchased (for AED 35) provides eligibility for one line in the draw and the donation is channelled through Mahzooz’s partners to hydrate those in need. The next draw will be held as scheduled on Saturday 16 January 2021 at 9:00pm UAE time. Mahzooz is inclusive to all who are eligible.