Mahzooz deepens its commitment to people of determination through its 3rd collaboration with Future Rehabilitation Centre

Mowfaq M.A. Mustafa, Director at Future Rehabilitation Centre, and Suzan Kazzi, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Communications at EWINGS

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 8 December 2023: In its third joint effort with the Abu Dhabi-based Future Rehabilitation Centre (FRC), Mahzooz, the philanthropy-driven weekly draw, missioned to changing people’s lives through its generous prizes and community outreach programme, reaffirms its continued dedication to empower schools specializing in the education of people of determination.

Building on the success of previous initiatives, including the sponsorship of a multi-sensory room and a new IT lab, Mahzooz has recently helped the Centre refurbish two classrooms, by donating new tables and chairs to cater for the needs of the students, creating a space where they can thrive and reach their full potential. Also, as part of the collaboration, Mahzooz donated two stretchers to support the hygiene routines of the physically challenged students in a safe and dignified manner.

Suzan Kazzi, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Communications at EWINGS, Operator of Mahzooz, emphasized the importance of the latest initiative: “The objective of our latest collaboration with FRC is to facilitate a conducive environment for learning, through the refurbishment of the classrooms. Because we understand the importance of safety, we also chose to donate the Centre new stretchers to help the teachers and helpers serve these students comfortably and safely. We look forward to continuing our journey of community support, creating more opportunities for growth, learning, and empowerment” she added.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mowfaq M.A. Mustafa, Director at Future Rehabilitation Centre said, "Community partnerships play a crucial role in enhancing our overall resources which helps us create a more comprehensive and inclusive educational environment for our students. In that context, Mahzooz's continued support has helped us facilitate access to additional resources and create opportunities for the skill development of our students."

In 2022, Mahzooz has collaborated with FRC to refurbish the Centre’s multi-sensory room, a facility that provides sensory assistance to around 145 children of determination. Earlier Mahzooz has also helped upgrade the Centre’s IT infrastructure through the donation of computers and other electronic equipment.

Through its dynamic Corporate Social Responsibility programme, Mahzooz has touched the lives of over 10,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries in less than three years of operation.