Fraud AwarenessFraud Awareness

Protect yourself

We would like to warn all participants of fraudulentscams. Prize scams are one of the most prevalent consumer frauds which target individuals throughtelephone and direct email. Victims are enticed with false promises of cash prizes and luxury goods in exchange for an up-front fee and/or personal information.

You may receive communications that use real organisations ' logos, such as ours, informing you that you have won cash prizes in a draw, and ask you to provide, over email, personal information to verify that you are the correct winner or to send your bank credentials to claim prizes. Scammers thenuse these details to misuse your identity, embezzle money or use it for other fraudulent activities.

Scammers may also use 'spoof' (phishing)websites which appear to be genuine versions of our website. These sites attempt to access personalinformation such as usernames, passwords, and even bank account or credit card details under thepretense that you are dealing with legitimatecompanies. If you are in any doubt whatsoever about correspondence you may have received from us, please do not click on any links in it and contact ourCustomer Support Centre on 800 5825 or +971 4 5713410 from outside the UAE (or to make sure that this is authentic.

All prizes must be withdrawn or transferred from your Winnings Balance which can be accessed via your Mahzooz account on our website. To make sure you're on our site, please type www.mahzooz.aedirectly into your browser, rather than selecting links in emails.

Please remember that Mahzooz will never ask you for money to release a prize.

We will take measures against any person foundcheating or attempting to cheat or defraud us or anyof our participants. This includes fraudulent payments, use of stolen cards or any other unlawful transaction.

We take every precaution to protect your personal information. Any sensitive information provided by you via the website or app will be guarded byindustry-standard encryption technologies.

We may use your information where it is necessary tomeet our legal obligations or to detect and prevent fraud, money-laundering, and other crimes, toprotect your interests or the interests of others.This may include in the event of misconduct such as identity theft or fraud.

If you think you have been the victim of a scam, please contact our Customer Support on 800 5825inside the UAE or +971 4 588 0100 from outside theUAE (or email us at