Saudi Arabia-based expat becomes Mahzooz’s second GUARANTEED millionaire and wins AED 1,000,000

Second GUARANTEED millionaire who took home AED 1,000,000 in the raffle draw

Mahzooz offers golden opportunities this Ramadan

Mahzooz is set to make Ramadan even more memorable

120th Mahzooz draw crowns second GUARANTEED weekly millionaire

Draw sees 1,420 winners take home AED 1,548,000

Indian expat becomes Mahzooz’s first GUARANTEED millionaire and wins AED 1,000,000 during the iconic 119th draw

Dipish first guaranteed millionaire at the 119th Mahzooz weekly draw

119th Mahzooz draw crowns first GUARANTEED weekly millionaire

Draw sees 1,056 winners take home AED 1,457,500

Filipino and Lebanese Mahzooz winners share their stories of positive change made possible by their winnings

Samuel from the Philippines and Albert from Lebanon won in the guaranteed raffle

Mahzooz goes bolder and better

One GUARANTEED MILLIONAIRE every week and AED 20,000,000 as top prize

Filipina expat becomes AED 10,000,000 richer overnight with Mahooz

Arlene is the first Pinay multi-millionaire to ever win Mahzooz’s top prize

Another Mahzooz multi-millionaire is made! Top prize of AED 10,000,000 won

Mahzooz’s 32nd millionaire is also its first millionaire in 2023