1. How can I contact Mahzooz Customer Support?

2. How to enter the Mahzooz draw?

3. How to edit my personal details?

4. How can I reset my password?

5. Can I register more than one account?

6. I cannot log in to my account.

7. I wish to take a break from playing Mahzooz. What can I do?

8. What is the time-out feature?

9. What is the self-exclusion feature?

10. How can I close my account?

11. What happens if I close my account?

12. What happens to my account if it stays dormant for a period longer than 12 (twelve) months?

13. My internet connection crashed whilst I was topping up Credit/purchasing Product/ – how do I know if the topping up Credit/purchase was successful?

14. What is the difference for me as a customer compared to the system before 12th Dec 2020?

15. What is the cost of one product?

16. What can my Credit be used for?

17. How can I top-up Credit?

18. What products can I purchase?

19. Can I receive my purchased product directly?

20. Which currencies do you accept?

21. How can I view historical transactions on my account?

22. What are the purchase limits?

23. How do I enter the Mahzooz draw?

24. How do I select my numbers?

25. What are "Favourites"?

26. Where can I view my entries for this week's draw?

27. What is the latest time to enter the current draw?

28. I don't live in the UAE; can I still participate in the draw?

29. Can I use the account I created for Emirates Loto to access Mahzooz?

30. Will you be donating to charity?

31. How and when do I get my prize if I win?

32. How do I withdraw my winnings from my Mahzooz account?

33. Are there any withdrawal fees?

34. Can my Credit be converted to cash if I decide not to continue playing with Mahzooz?

35. Can I transfer my Credit to my friend who also wants to enter the draw?

36. What happens to the winnings if they are not claimed within the permitted withdrawal time of 90 days from winning draw?

37. I live outside the UAE; how do I collect my winnings?

38. What is Mahzooz rule regarding Group Participation or Syndication?

39. Why do I need to verify my account in order to withdraw my prize?

40. What happens if my account cannot be verified?