Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I contact Mahzooz Customer Support?

2. How can I create an account and enter the Mahzooz draw?

3. Is the Mahzooz app available on App Store or Google Play Store?

4. How much can I win as prize money when I participate in Mahzooz?

5. Where can I find my Raffle ID?

6. How much does one product cost?

7. What can I use Credit for?

8. Can I receive the product I purchased?

9. Which currencies does Mahzooz accept?

10. What are the purchase limits?

11. When is the draw? What is the deadline to enter the current week’s Mahzooz draw?

12. Can I participate in the Mahzooz draw from outside the UAE?

13. How and when do I get my prize if I am a winner in the Mahzooz draw?

14. How can I withdraw my Mahzooz winnings?

15. Is there a withdrawal fee?

16. Can I convert my Credit to cash?

17. Can Credit be transferred to another Mahzooz account?

18. How do I collect my Mahzooz winnings if I live outside of the UAE?

19. Can I participate as part of a syndicate?

20. Do I need to verify my account to withdraw my winnings?

21. What happens to my Mahzooz winnings if they are not claimed within 60 days from the winning draw?

22. What do I do if my Mahzooz account cannot be verified?

23. How can I edit my personal details in my account?

24. How can I reset my Mahzooz password?

25. Can I register more than one account with Mahzooz?

26. What should I do if I am unable to log in to my Mahzooz account?

27. How can I take a break from participating in Mahzooz?

28. What is the time-out feature in Mahzooz?

29. What is the self-exclusion feature in Mahzooz?

30. How do I close my Mahzooz account?

31. What happens when I close my Mahzooz account?

32. What happens if I do not use my Mahzooz account for more than 12 months?

33. How do I know if my purchase of Credit or product was successful?

34. How do I add Credit on Mahzooz?

35. How do I view my historical transactions?

36. How do I view my entries for this week’s Mahzooz draw?

37. Do you store my credit or debit card details?

38. What is the top prize for the Grand Draw?

39. What if there are no Match Five winners for the Grand Draw in a specific week?

40. How do I enter the Mahzooz draw through the website?

41. What are "Favourites"?

42. Does Mahzooz donate to charity?

43. How many entries can I make in one transaction through a kiosk providing Mahzooz services?

44. Can I change my Mahzooz account password through a kiosk?

45. Can I enter multiple draws in one transaction at a kiosk?

46. The payment I made at a kiosk is not reflecting in my Mahzooz account.

47. When using a kiosk to add Credit, can I add any amount?

48. What if my credit card gets stuck in a kiosk?

49. The kiosk machine is not working at a specific location, can you help?

50. If the kiosk does not give out a receipt at the end of the transaction, how will I know if my transaction is successful?

51. If the kiosk transaction has not completed due to a technical error, what should I do?

52. Is there tech support for kiosks apart from the Mahzooz Customer Support team?

53. I made payment at the kiosk machine, but I did not get a ticket, can you help?

54. Are log in credentials for the kiosk different from log in credentials for a standard Mahzooz account?

55. If I’m not able to access my Mahzooz account on the web, can I still add Credit or make a purchase at a nearby kiosk?

56. Can a new customer register with Mahzooz at a kiosk that provides Mahzooz services?

57. Which languages are available at kiosks that provide Mahzooz services?

58. How will I be notified when I add Credit or make a purchase at a kiosk?

59. At a kiosk, how many products need to be purchased to participate in the draw?

60. What Mahzooz services are available at kiosks for Customers?

61. Where in Dubai (or other Emirates) can I participate in the Mahzooz draw?

62. How do I participate in Mahzooz through a kiosk?

63. Can I pay in cash at any kiosk that provides Mahzooz services?

64. Can I use the kiosk to add Credit to someone else’s account, such as my friend or my sibling?

65. Can I receive a refund of my "Credit Balance" through a kiosk?

66. Will my Credit be added to my "Credit Balance" as soon as I finish the add Credit transaction?

67. How can I participate in Mahzooz through the app?

68. Can we add Credit through the app?

69. Can I see the winning numbers for the Grand Draw and the Raffle Draw and previous draw results on the Mahzooz app?

70. Can I edit or update my profile details through the app?

71. How can I download the Mahzooz app?

72. What features are available on the Mahzooz app?