104th Super Saturday Mahzooz Draws: 9 winners land AED 1 million, 111,000 each

3 other raffle winners cashed 100,000 each

104th Super Saturday draws sees 801 participants take home a total prize money of AED 1,576,150

Lucky numbers were 29, 30, 33, 37, 49

Mahzooz gifts Lebanese, Moroccan and Serbian expats the high life at its 103rd Super Saturday Draws

53 other winners shared the 2nd prize of AED 1,000,000

Winner from Kuwait scoops AED20 million Mahzooz top prize

First time UAE visitor plans to spend New Year’s Eve in Dubai with his family

103rd Super Saturday draws sees 2,070 participants take home a total prize money of AED 2,004,900

53 winners shared 2nd prize of AED 1,000,000

Mahzooz successfully holds inaugural Fantastic Friday Epic Draw live

Participants choose 6 out of 39 numbers for a chance of winning AED 10 million

Charity on the cards for three Mahzooz raffle winners

102nd draw celebrates a lucky winner who won AED 20 million

Mahzooz launches additional Epic Draw on Fantastic Friday

Participants can now enter multiple weekly draws for only AED 35

A new multi-millionaire won AED 20million at the 102nd Mahzooz draw

1,614 new winners now live the good life thanks to AED 21,550,550 won in cash prizes