Indian expat wins a share of AED 1,000,000 with Mahzooz

Shivin Wilson is Mahzooz’s latest lucky winner

Five lucky participants share AED 1,000,000 in Mahzooz

5 winners take home AED 200,000 each in last night’s live draw

British expat shares the AED 1,000,000 Mahzooz prize

42 year-old Dubai resident and British native Mimi was one of two winners

Two lucky participants win AED 500,000 each from Mahzooz

Two winners take home a huge AED 500,000 each in last night’s live draw

Fujairah resident becomes first Mahzooz millionaire of 2021

Fujairah resident Seng-Boon Koo was the only winner to claim the massive second prize

Another Mahzooz Millionaire in New Year’s weekend live draw

Saturday night’s draw also saw another 2,659 winners taking home cash prizes

Chinese expat wins AED 2,000,000 with Mahzooz

Wei Wei was the only winner to claim second tier rollover prize of AED 2,000,000

Lucky Mahzooz participant wins AED 2,000,000 cash prize

Last draw of 2020 saw 2,328 winners take home prizes totalling AED 2,206,895

Mahzooz’s AED 50 million is still up for grabs

Second prize doubled to AED 2,000,000