Jordanian, Filipino, Indian share AED 1,000,000 in Mahzooz

26 August 2021, Dubai, UAE: A Jordanian, a Filipino, and an Indian struck it big after winning the AED 1,000,000 second prize in the 39th weekly live Mahzooz draw. The three lucky winners matched five out of the six winning numbers (9, 10, 13, 20, 43 and 46) and took home AED 333,333 each.

For the Jordanian national, Firas, 33, this win will change his life on personal and professional levels. “Dubai is the land of opportunities. I’ve lived and worked here for six years. I quit my job two years ago and started my own management consultancy company. The winnings will help me boost and expand my business and achieve more sustainable growth. Such a move would enable me to accomplish a breakthrough in my entrepreneurial journey,” said Firas.

On a personal level, Firas is now planning to have his dream wedding soon.

“I’ve been hesitantly thinking of getting married and having my own family. But with this prize money, I’m now more confident to take this big step in life,” he added.

Firas is no stranger to Mahzooz. He has been participating since day one and had already won the AED 35 fourth prize several times. However, this time was like no other.

“I travelled to Jordan to spend some time with my family. Last Saturday evening, I was watching the weekly live draw and I got shocked when I saw the winning numbers on the screen. I had to cross-check them several times with the numbers I had chosen. Only then I was sure that I have matched 5/6 and won the second prize. I feel blessed and overwhelmed,” concluded Firas.

The Filipino winner Allan, 36, who works for an IT company in Dubai, used to choose his Mahzooz numbers based on special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. However, this time he decided to try something different.

“Last Friday, I remembered about the draw while watching my favourite TV series online. When I paused it to choose my Mahzooz numbers, I saw the timeline on the series’ screen and an idea struck me. I decided to choose the numbers based on the details of the series like duration, episode number, number of minutes and seconds on the timeline. Surprisingly, it worked, but I still can’t believe it did,” explained Allan.

The father of two has lived in Dubai alone for a long time and plans to bring his family for a vacation once the travel restrictions are lifted.

“My kids are thrilled to know about my win. They have already started preparing their wish list for their vacation in Dubai, and I can’t wait to see them. Thank you Mahzooz for helping us get together,” concluded Allan.

Firas and Allan shared the AED 1,000,000 second prize with an Indian winner.

The next draw will be held on Saturday 28th August 2021 at 9:00pm UAE time. Entrants can participate in the draw by registering via and purchasing a bottle of water. Each bottle of water purchased (for AED 35) provides eligibility for one line in the draw and the donation is channelled through Mahzooz’s community partners to hydrate those in need. Mahzooz is inclusive to all who are eligible.