Kuwait-based winner among Mahzooz Saturday Millions’ 153rd draws’ raffle winners

Two Indians and a Kenyan awarded AED 100,000 each

United Arab Emirates, Dubai November 8th 2023: Mahzooz Saturday Millions, the leading UAE-based weekly draw with the highest and most frequent pay-outs, is thrilled to announce the latest raffle winners of its 153rd weekly draws. Three fortunate individuals have been awarded AED 100,000 each in the weekly Triple 100 Raffle Draw, bringing joy and excitement to their lives. These remarkable winners include Bhagavath and Sherien from India, as well as Mohamed from Kenya.

The first winner, Bhagavath, is a 35-year-old civil engineer who has been living in Kuwait for the past ten years. Originally from India, the father of a one-year-old son first learned about Mahzooz through his colleague at work. Bhagavath's enthusiasm for Mahzooz was fueled by the diverse range and amount of winners each week. He eagerly watches the live show and religiously participates in the hopes of one day being a winner himself. In a twist of fate, he exceptionally could not to watch the show on Saturday November 4th 2023, however, when he later checked the results on his mobile, he was astounded to discover that his raffle ID had been selected.

The exciting news left him in disbelief, and he shared the joyous moment with his brother-in-law while they were preparing dinner together. Bhagavath's family had traveled to India for vacation, making it difficult for him to immediately inform his wife. He sent her a message which she saw the following morning, and her excitement was overwhelming.

Sherien, the 50-year-old fire and safety technician originally from India, who has been living in the UAE for two decades, is Mahzooz’s 153rd draws’ second raffle winner. He is also happily married, with an 11-year-old son who lives back home. Sherien's initial introduction to Mahzooz came through a friend who was actively participating in the draw. Over the years, he has made a habit of purchasing tickets almost every week, hoping for a chance to win the top prize of AED 20,000,000. His dedication finally paid off when he received a call from Mahzooz, announcing that he became AED 100,000 richer. The news took Sherien by surprise, and he found it hard to believe. As he starts to contemplate how he'll use his winnings, he is filled with gratitude for his incredible stroke of luck. This win is a significant milestone for Sherien, marking his first time winning such a substantial prize.

Mohamed, a 47-year-old customs and clearance professional originally from Kenya, has been residing in the UAE for 24 years. He is married and has two daughters, aged 9 and 11, who live with him in the UAE. Much like his fellow winners, Mohamed has been participating in Mahzooz since the draw’s early days, buying tickets almost every week. On Sunday, Mohamed received a call from Mahzooz, to introduced him to the surprise of his life. He had been sleeping when the call came in, and he wondered if he was still dreaming as he heard the news. His dream was to win AED 20 million however, even if this win was not quite that amount, it represents a significant milestone to him. Mohamed and his wife are yet to decide how they will use their newfound winnings, but the possibilities are endless.

For only AED 35, participants can purchase a bottle of Mahzooz Saturday Millions water and enter the weekly draws consisting of the Grand Draw, for a chance to win the top prize of AED 20,000,000, the second prize of 150,000, the third prize of AED 150,000, the fourth prize of free Mahzooz line worth AED 35 and the fifth prize of AED 5, as well as the Triple 100 weekly raffle draw, which will grant AED 100,000 every week to three GUARANTEED raffle winners.

Mahzooz continues to bring joy, dreams, and hope to individuals worldwide, as it seeks to transform lives and fulfill aspirations with each weekly.