Mahzooz Raffle Draw gives three expats additional possibilities in life

25 November 2021, Dubai, UAE: Three lucky expats landed a AED 100,000 each after winning in last week’s Mahzooz Raffle Draw. The 52nd weekly live Mahzooz draw saw a total of AED 1,812,750 given away as prize money. The winning Raffle IDs were 8131197, 8079408, 8122674, which belonged to Suzane, Charbel, and Vidya, respectively.

Suzane, a 51-year-old executive assistant in Abu Dhabi is one of the first two female winners of the Mahzooz Raffle Draw. The Lebanese expat would like to encourage everyone to keep participating in Mahzooz: “Today, I’m richer by AED 100,000 only because I truly believed I would someday receive this money and kept participating in Mahzooz every single week.”

The mother-of-one woke up to a text from a relative at 4am, with news about her Mahzooz win. “I thought she was just joking,” Suzane recalls of her life-changing moment.

She now plans to use her winnings to change the lives of those around her: “I will pay off debts, then use the rest to help people I know who really deserve financial assistance. I’m grateful I get to see such a huge sum of money in this lifetime.”

Vidya, the other female winner, is also stumped by the enormity of her win, secure in her very first attempt. The Indian expat, 31, works as a service coordinator in Sharjah and is thrilled about the opportunities her prize money offers. “A major portion of my winnings will be put aside for my daughter’s future. Now that such a major responsibility has been settled thanks to Mahzooz, I feel secure. To have the remaining amount at my disposal is such a great safety net.”

Lebanese expat Charbel is also euphoric about the possibilities his AED 100,000 win offers him. “I logged into the app to check the results and was shocked to see I’ve won. “I’m still in shock, so I haven’t made any plans for this prize money,” says the 35-year-old managing director of an IT firm. But Charbel is certain that some of it will go to charity. “Mahzooz is doing such great work by helping people, I’d like to replicate some of that with my winning amount.”

What Charbel, Vidya and Suzane are all certain about is continuing to participate in Mahzooz Suzane says: “I wake up happy every day now because it’s the first thing I remember. It’s a sign that all my dreams will come true and my prayers are being heard. I will not quit participating, my next target is to win AED 10,000,000 in the Grand Draw.”

The 52nd weekly live Mahzooz Grand Draw saw 32 winners share the AED 1,000,000 second prize, taking home AED 31,250 each. The top prize of AED 10,000,000 is still up for grabs.

Entrants can participate in both the Mahzooz Grand Draw and Raffle Draw by registering via and purchasing a bottle of water for AED 35. The next weekly live draw will be held on Saturday 27 November 2021 at 9:00pm UAE time. Mahzooz is inclusive to all who are eligible.