Expats in Dubai & Saudi Arabia win AED 500,000 Each

24 February 2021, Dubai, UAE: Two lucky winners split the AED 1,000,000 second prize in the 13th live weekly Mahzooz draw. Both expats, one living in Dubai and one in Saudi Arabia, matched five out of six numbers and took home AED 500,000 each.

44-year old Ramesan and 43-year old Praveen both hail from Kerala, India and both have been working abroad for many years.

For Ramesan, this moment has been nearly two decades in the making.

“I came to Dubai in 2004 and have been working here ever since,” said the married father of two. “I worked very hard for the opportunity to bring my family over here from Kerala and now I can finally do that!”

As the draw unfolded on Saturday, Ramesan could hardly believe his luck.

“I was watching the live draw online and as the numbers rolled in, I realized the first five matched my ticket. I couldn’t believe it.”

Even with his big win, Ramesan plans to continue participating with Mahzooz.

“It’s only 35 dirhams so everyone has a chance. Thank you Mahzooz for this great moment and thank you for helping me support my family,” concluded Ramesan.

Praveen, also a married father of two, has spent the past 10 years working in Saudi Arabia waiting for this very moment.

“My family went back to Kerala two years ago and my goal has been to buy them a home,” said Praveen. “With this money, I can finally do that.”

Praveen always watches the Mahzooz live weekly draw and this past Saturday was no different. “As I watched the show and saw the numbers coming, I was in shock. In fact, I still don’t have any words. It all feels like a dream that I still haven’t woken up from.”

Praveen’s dream is now his reality and he has a clear message for anyone else considering participating in Mahzooz.

“Everyone should participate because you never know when your lucky day is coming. Thanks to Mahzooz, next Saturday might be your lucky day.”

For those who missed out on last week’s live draw, entrants can participate in Mahzooz by registering via www.mahzooz.ae and purchasing Al Emarat bottles of water. Each bottle of water purchased (for AED 35) provides eligibility for one line in the draw and the donation is channelled through Mahzooz’s partners to hydrate those in need.

The next draw will be held as scheduled on Saturday 27 February 2021 at 9:00pm UAE time. Mahzooz is inclusive to all who are eligible.