2 Expats Share AED 1 Million Mahzooz Draw Prize

11 February 2021, Dubai, UAE: Last Saturday’s 11th live weekly Mahzooz draw saw two lucky winners share the second tier AED 1,000,000 prize, with both UAE expats matching five out of six numbers. Amed, 45, who hails from Iran, and Carl, 40, from the Philippines, were both delighted when they found out their dreams had come true.

“At first, I didn’t believe it – I genuinely believed the result to be a mistake,” said Sharjah resident and shop owner Ali Mohamed. “I told my wife and kids that we had apparently won AED 500,000 and called Mahzooz the next morning to double check. We were all very, very happy when they confirmed I had won.”

The married father of four, who has lived in the UAE for 34 years, won his prize money on his first time entering the draw, having heard about Mahzooz only days before. He said he will put the money towards supporting his family and business.

“My friend told me about Mahzooz last Wednesday. I opened an account and won big first time around,” he added. “My daughter is going to college soon and with business being down a little in the current market, this is where the winnings will go.”

Meanwhile, long-time player Carl Acosta, an enterprise manager, revealed that she watches the draw live every Saturday and knew right away what she will do with her winnings.

“The numbers came out one by one and then I saw that the fifth number matched. This was a really exciting moment because I’ve only ever won small amounts from raffles in the past,” she explained. “Helping my family, especially my niece and nephew, is something I always think about when I participate. I love sharing with my friends, family, and the people that need help the most, so that’s what I’ll do. This is all about luck – and if you don’t share the blessings, they won’t continue.”

She is also very mindful about recent events happening around the world and has a message for everyone who may read her story.

“With what’s happening right now, we should always be positive and hopeful. If we keep on trying and keep on praying, good things will happen.”

For those who missed out on last week’s draw, entrants can participate in Mahzooz by registering via www.mahzooz.ae and purchasing Al Emarat bottles of water. Each bottle of water purchased (for AED 35) provides eligibility for one line in the draw and the donation is channelled through Mahzooz’s partners to hydrate those in need.

The next draw will be held as scheduled on Saturday 13 February 2021 at 9:00pm UAE time. Mahzooz is inclusive to all who are eligible.