Filipina expat wins twice in one night with Mahzooz!

The lucky participants matched five out of six numbers and shared the AED 1 million second prize

Mahzooz: Five winners take home AED 200,000 each

Five winners take home AED 200,000 each in the 25th weekly live 'Mahzooz' draw

Mahzooz makes two millionaires in one draw!

Two lucky participants saw their dreams come true in the 24th weekly live Mahzooz draw

Mahzooz makes two new millionaires in one night!

2 winners take home AED 1,000,000 each

Second prize doubled to AED 2 million for next Mahzooz draw

2,570 participants take home a total of AED 198,995

Mahzooz continues to change lives and crowns three second prize winners

Three lucky winners walked away with AED 333,333 each

Three winners share AED 1 million in Mahzooz draw

1,982 participants win cash prizes in the 22ed weekly live ‘Mahzooz’ draw

Millionaire made! Lebanese expat wins AED 1 million with Mahzooz

Bassem hit it big in Saturday’s Mahzooz weekly draw

Mahzooz weekly live draw makes another millionaire

Last night’s draw also saw another 2,022 winners take home cash prizes