Saturday is your Lucky Day!

You could join the exclusive Mahzooz Millionaires Club by participating in Mahzooz Saturday Millions for AED 35. Discover our prizes and learn how to win them on this page. Just 5 winning numbers could change your life!

Become a Saturday Winner

Match 5 /5 numbers in any order for a chance to win AED 20,000,000 and become our next millionaire!
Even if you match 4/5 numbers or 3/5 numbers, you could share a prize pool of AED 150,000 with the other winners in this category.
Additionally, you could win AED 35 by matching 2/5 numbers and AED 5 by matching 1/5 numbers.

We’re also giving away a guaranteed AED 300,000 to three winners in our Triple 100 Raffle! That’s AED 100,000 each for every winner.

Match More, Win More

Match any of the winning numbers in any order to win Saturday! For a detailed overview of our prizes and how to claim them, refer to the table below:

* T&Cs apply