We listened and made winning with Mahzooz even easier. Instead of matching 6 out of 49 numbers, all you need to do is match 5 out of 49 numbers to win the top prize of AED 10 Million!

And for the same price of AED 35, you will also enter the brand-new Raffle Draw and get the opportunity of becoming one of our guaranteed AED 100,000 winners every week!

So why wait? Participate now to make all your dreams come true with Mahzooz!

How much can you win?

Look at the table below to see how much you could win per each matching number.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Raffle Draw

Grand Draw

Guaranteed Winners

3X AED 100,000

Every week

Grand Draw

Match 5 out of 5 to WIN

AED 10 million*

Match 4 out of 5 to WIN

AED 1 million*

Match 3 out of 5 to WIN

AED 350